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Drake Gets Clowned by UConn Basketball Team After NCAA Championship

Drake UConn Twitter NCAA CHampionship Basketball Kentucky Wildcats

In victory and defeat, it seems that Drake doesn’t have much luck when it comes to attending championship basketball games. Last year, he was caught on camera being denied entry into the Miami Heat’s locker room after they won the NBA title, though he did get to later awkwardly party with LeBron James and the rest of the team. This year is way worse, as the Toronto rapper gave his beloved Kentucky Wildcats a pep talk before the NCAA championship, only to see them lose to UConn in a thrilling game.

To make matters even worse, UConn and other people took to Twitter to rub it in, with the official Huskies basketball account posting a card-like picture commemorating the game with the caption, “Imma just hand @Drake a business card and say… We Made It.” (That’s a reference to Drake’s “We Made It” freestyle, in which he boasts about his fame, rapping, “Imma just hand her a business card and say ‘Nigga we made it!'”)

And then there’s this sad-looking photo, which would make for a great meme if only the picture quality was better. Just look how bummed Drake is.

Poor guy. Now we know what he looked like when Rolling Stone took him off their cover in favor of the recently deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman.