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Courtney Love Doesn’t Like Bruce Springsteen Because Saxophones

Courtney Love Bruce Springsteen Video

Sigh. Less than a week after Courtney Love made a bit of peace with her late husband’s Nirvana bandmates at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, the erstwhile Hole singer released a video in which she talks about her lack of love for another of the ceremony’s attendees, Bruce Springsteen. 

To be fair, the clip is part of her ongoing YouTube series “Courtney Love on…,” which was filmed a while ago judging by the fact that some of the videos, which mainly feature the controversial rock star talking into a camera from the back of an SUV, were released back in March. Still, the timing of it is slightly odd, given that her main complaint about Springsteen is that “saxophones don’t belong in rock ‘n’ roll.”

After an exasperated Love repeats “they just don’t belong,” the video cuts to a photo of late E Street Member Clarence Clemons and an off-key sax note. During E Street’s induction last week, the members, including Springsteen himself, all expressed a deep sadness that Clemons was not alive to enjoy the moment. He died in 2011 due to complications from a stroke.

“I really like him,” she added about Springsteen. “He’s a nice guy. Cameron Crowe, an old, very dear friend of mine, took me to the Staples Center for a three-night gig, and I could only last an hour and a half in a three-and-a-half hour show with the Boss.” After a cut in the video, she asked, “I don’t think he sits around listening to Hole records, do you?”

Speaking of Hole records, April 12 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of the band’s second album, Live Through This. Check out SPIN’s oral history of the making of the LP, which came out just a few days after Kurt Cobain was found dead. Or, if you’d rather, you can watch the “Courtney on BDSM” video, in which she talks about doing a very gross job for a dominatrix roommate. Up to you.