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Watch This Primal 1970 Can Concert Featuring Damo Suzuki

Recently unearthed footage features 80 minutes of the influential Krautrock band

Some days the Internet gives you a book about metal dudes and their cats, then sweetens the pot with a lost concert recording from a pioneering experimental rock band. In the latter case, someone somehow dug up an 80-minute video of legendary Krautrock outfit Can performing in 1970. They had only just replaced vocalist Malcolm Mooney with the incredible Damo Suzuki ahead of gig in Soest, Germany. The black-and-white film features nine songs, varying from poppy garage-rock to psychedelic wilding to genuine proto-punk, all while Suzuki gets progressively sweatier and more animalistic. Enjoy the footage above via Dangerous Minds, and check out Can’s set list, plus a 1970 Kraftwerk show from the same venue, below.

Can’s Soest set list:

“Sense All of Mine”
“Oh Yeah”
“I Feel Allright”
“Mother Sky”
“Bring Me Coffee or Tea”
“Don’t Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone”

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