Brian Williams Raps ‘Gin and Juice’ in Amazing Supercut

Brian Williams, Gin and Juice

Work grind gotcha down? Well, then just think that some poor video editor over at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon regularly wades through hours upon hours of NBC Nightly News segments in order to appease her/his boss. And for what, you may ask? Hit play above to witness, in all of its viral-baiting glory, a 72-seconds-long supercut of Brian Williams accidentally rapping “Gin and Juice” via an assortment of on-air blurbs. A thousands points and endless kitteh GIFs for the staffer who captured three separate newsanchors simultaneously singing the chorus, “Rollin’ down the street / Smokin’ indo / Sippin’ on gin and juice.” 

Now, add in Williams’ faux “Rapper’s Delight” rendition from back when Jimmy Fallon first took the late-night gig in mid-February, and you’ve got yourself the rest of the workday. Recover from it all with recent Tonight Show appearances by KISS, the remaining members of Nirvana, and Stevie Nicks.

Fallon originally developed the gag while on Late Night:





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