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Go Behind the Scenes on Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ Tour

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor tour has been pretty much ongoing since just before the album’s October release, and it turns out Vevo has been documenting the entire thing — wacky bobbleheads, mirror-men, ambitious lighting, and all. A six-minute behind-the-scenes short can be seen above. “The first question they asked me,” says their production designer of seven years, Richard Stembridge, “was, ‘How can we take an arena and make it feel like a club?'”

Will Butler and Richard Reed Parry largely lead the proceedings, talking about their recent upgrade to those massive venues. Dan Deacon and members of the band’s crew also pop in to chat all things Arcade Fire, including that controversial dress code. For a tour centered on an album that was so anxious about technology, it looks like there’s a whole lot of tech involved in making the show happen night after night. Your move, Deadmau5.