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Apple Remakes Pixies’ ‘Gigantic’ to Hawk iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone 5s Pixies Gigantic Ad Video

Pixies are trending across 2014 so far, sitting high on festival lineups from Coachella to Primavera Sound, and building anticipation for their first album in 23 years via videos for new songs “Snakes” and “Greens and Blues.” Now Apple is getting in on the Indie Cindy action, creating their own version of the alt-rock giants’ 1988 hit, “Gigantic.” In the ad spot above, made to show off the musical capabilities of the iPhone 5s, young folks equipped with various apps combine their digitally assisted talents to recreate that timeless track while people with other apps do “powerful” things like launch rockets, stargaze, and translate foreign text using their phones. Obnoxious cultural appropriation? Or inspired song placement? Watch up top, and compare to Pixies performing the thing below, in ’88 — yes, there was a time where concert views were not obstructed by Apple products.