Aphex Twin Unreleased Album to Go on Kickstarter, eBay

Aphex Twin, 'Caustic Window,' $13,500

Update: Aphex Twin’s 1994 Caustic Window will soon be available for slightly less than thought. As Pitchfork reports, the record’s owner and Richard D. James’ Rephlex label have reached an arrangement with electronic music forum We Are the Music Makers.

Under the deal, 500 people can get a digital copy of the album through Kickstarter, and the rare vinyl test pressing will be sold on eBay, with proceeds benefiting Rephlex/Aphex Twin, the Kickstarter contributors, and a charity to be named later.

The deal prices the record at $8,368, rather than the original asking price of $13,500, suggesting a $16 per-person cost for the digital download. (Read on for more background.)

It’s a good week for rich people who like experimental music (it’s probably also a good week for rich people who don’t like experimental music, but let’s stick to the subject at hand). Sun Ra’s vintage master tapes are on eBay, albeit at a price that Penn Jillette, of Penn & Teller fame, tweeted was “too rich for my blood.” Now a seller on Discogs is offering a copy of Aphex Twin’s 1994 Caustic Window for $13,500 — plus shipping, obviously.

According to AFX lore, the album made it to the test-pressing stage before being scrapped. The seller, who promises to “demonstrate [the record’s] authenticity,” told FACT he got the LP from label Rephlex in 1994.

The listing includes photos, but a copy of Aphex Twin’s Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 5 the seller was reportedly offering for $1,000 is no longer listed, and there was a Richard D. James April Fool’s track earlier this month. So someone else will have to come up with the money, is what we’re saying. Yes, even the shipping. Maybe Wu-Tang Clan?


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