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Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace Getting Reality Show

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Getting Reality Show

AOL is preparing to launch 16 new reality-based shows online in 2014, tapping such talent as James Franco, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Buscemi, Mike Epps, and Kevin Nealon as creators and/or subjects. But the biggest and most pleasant surprise of them all is So Much More. The forthcoming series aims to tell the story of Laura Jane Grace, the leader of Against Me! who came out as transgender in 2012.

In the preview clip above, the singer/guitarist formerly known as Tom Gabel discusses meeting “gender-variant people from all walks of life all at various points in their journeys,” and we too get to encounter some of these fans and friends clearly touched by Grace’s bravery. It seems the show will document such encounters — AOL says they aim to represent others “whose experiences are woefully underrepresented and misunderstood in the media.”

It’s yet unclear as to when So Much More premiere, or how many episodes it will comprise. For now though, no reason not to spend a little more time with Against Me!’s excellent new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues