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Y.O.U’s ‘Heavy Crown (DyE Remix)’ Is Rapturous Electro-Pop

Y.O.U "Heavy Crown" (DyE Remix) Tigersushi PIAS

“Everything will be just fine,” Elliott Williams sings on “Heavy Crown,” and as the post-punky pop of his debut single builds to a rapturous climax of fuzzy guitars and bubbling horns, even the perennially pessimistic may find themselves briefly convinced. Things are certainly looking up for Williams, a.k.a. Y.O.U, a Manchester singer, songwriter, and electronic producer that Tigersushi’s Joakim Bouaziz recently took under his wing, and who recently signed to Play It Again Sam.

Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan recently gave “Heavy Crown” a flickering, synth-heavy remix (listen and download at XLR8R), and now Tigersushi’s own DyE (so many ungoogleable names!) puts his own clubby, ’80s-kissed touch to the original. Flush with side-chained synths, springy claps, and a faint wash of dissonance, it’s as tough as it is wistful: synth-pop as redemption song.

Y.O.U’s debut album is forthcoming from PIAS this year; the EP is out now on Tigersushi.