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Watch Wheelchair Sports Camp’s Disco-Glam ‘Dance Off’ Video

Wheelchair Sports Camp

When SPIN first introduced you to Wheelchair Sports Camp, the all-inclusive recording identity of disabled Denver rapper Kalyn Heffernan, the Mile High outfit was a shambling jazz-funk hip-hop four-piece who’d just endured a legendary run-in with the Texas cops on the way to their very first SXSW. Now, nearly three years later, Heffernan has transformed her band into a looser configuration of Colorado contributors, including DJ Everai, trumpeter Joshua Trinidad, butane-blasting producer and jazz-pianist QKnox, and hot-shit drummer Gregg Ziemba, whose primary affiliation is as one-third of the psych-rock trio Rubedo.

“Dance Off” is the boogie-down product of this new arrangement. Directed by Wesley Willis Joy Rides filmmaker Chris Bagley (who’s been shadowing Kalyn with a camera now for a couple years), the three-minute track’s slick video turns this rap-pop earworm into a disco-glam vogueing party. Kalyn has no patience for the squeamish, so among the rhymes about tampons and crotches, she also drops this refrain: “The world smelled just fine / Until I shitted in it.” The irony that someone who can’t walk is inciting a dance off will never be lost on Kalyn — she has the pun CRIP LIFE life tattooed across her stomach, after all — and in fact, having the girl in the chair demand you fucking dance may very well be the whole point.