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Watch SOHN’s Sleek 4AD Sessions Performance of ‘Artifice’

SOHN Artifice 4AD Sessions

We already know that SOHN is “a one-stop shop for gorgeously minimal melancholy,” as SPIN’s Puja Patel said of the London-born, Vienna-based singer and producer when we dubbed him one of our Best New Artists in January. He lives up to the description in a skeletal new 4AD Sessions performance of “Artifice” premiered by Vogue.

Backed up by his touring band-mates Albin Janoska (synths) and Stefan Fallmann (bass), the multi-tasking singer, songwriter, producer (BANKS, Eric Hassle), and remixer (Disclosure, Rhye, Lana Del Rey) dives into a live rendition of his current single “Artifice” that proves the song’s surprising durability, far from the protective walls of his studio. The video was made by SOHN’s long-time collaborator Andreas Waldscheutz, a photographer and filmmaker who says he was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey: 2001 in coming up with the clip’s “clean and futuristic look.” The performance was staged and shot on what is apparently Austria’s biggest soundstage, but you’d never know it from SOHN’s strikingly intimate delivery. A nice bit of artifice, that.

SOHN’s debut album, Tremors, is out April 8 on 4AD. Check out the studio version of “Artifice” below.