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Vindata Demand You ‘Recognize’ Their Rich, Soulful Dance Music

Los Angeles duo gets assist from Xavi and Ebonique on '...For One to Follow' EP track

Jared Poythress and Branden Ratcliff look like pretty chill guys, and they probably are, but the music that they make together is the stuff of dance-floor wilding. As Vindata, these two Los Angelenos slam garage into soul, hip-hop into house, and astral electronica into the heavier strains pioneered overseas by the likes of their pals Skream and Benga. “Be shapeless, formless, like water,” says their Twitter bio, and that iconic Bruce Lee quote fits. Hear their latest track below to experience all of these words in action — “Recognize” features guest vocals from Zavi and Ebonique, but Vindata’s production still acts as the track’s main event. The song hails from the pair’s forthcoming …For One to Follow EP, due out March 4 via Symbols.