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Unicycle Loves You Worship at the Altar of Fuzz on ‘Face Tattoo’

Unicycle Loves You

Spring is on the approach, but the guys and gal in Unicycle Loves You are still layering up. On “Face Tattoo,” the first single from forthcoming album The Dead Age, the garage-rock trio brazenly stacks muffed-out guitars and harsh feedback onto a dense rhythm section — and pile on heaps of hooks for good measure. Singer-guitarist Jim Carroll lays into his wah pedal with the sort of reckless abandon that would make J Mascis proud, and sneers into the microphone, “It doesn’t matter anymore / We’ll live to see another day.” Listen below, and keep an eye out for The Dead Age: Unicycle Loves You’s fourth full-length hits stores on June 10 via Highwheel Records/Mecca Lecca.