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Hear Tyson Meade’s Smashing Pumpkins-Assisted Sing-Along ‘Buddy Dash’

tyson meade, buddy dash, tomorrow in progress

Alt-rock godfather Tyson Meade will return this spring with a new solo album. After spending years living and teaching in Shanghai, the Oklahoma native will release Tomorrow in Progress on May 20. Spanning a total of 10 tracks, the upcoming LP features contributions from current Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino, longtime Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, the Flaming Lips keyboardist Derek Brown, and a violin prodigy by the name of Haffijy, who inspired the collection.

As Meade tells it, Haffijy — who was a student at the Chinese boarding school where Meade worked — asked the former singer of the Chainsaw Kittens and Defenestration about his tenure as a trash-glam frontman. “I played Haffijy some of my songs from my music days and he quickly wrote parts for them,” Meade recalls in an official statement. “Not only did he write parts, he played with such love and honesty that I was touched immeasurably. Birds chirped in some sort of Far East Disney way.”

Enter Tomorrow in Progress and its lead single “Buddy Dash,” a fuzzy-around-the-edges sing-along driven by percolating percussion and boy-girl harmonies that disarm with a smile. Stream “Buddy Dash” below, and find the full track list for Tomorrow in Progress further down.

Tomorrow in Progress track list:

1. “Nihilists Need Love Too”
2. “Dusty Come Up for Air”
3. “Kiss Me Arabia”
4. “Flying Through Our Skins”
5. “Mao Into Madame Mao Into Marvin Gaye”
6. “Chinese Space Station Worker [Ramona’s Song]”
7. “Jump Punks”
8. “When We Were”
9. “Winter Boys Cutting the Rug”
10. “Buddy Dash”