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Hear Tame Impala’s Trippy ‘Live Version’ of ‘Be Above It’

Tame Impala 'Live Versions' EP "Be Above It"

With Record Store Day exactly a month away, Tame Impala revealed they’ll be dropping a concert EP for the music-lovers’ holiday. The Aussie psych-rock posse previewed their eight-track Live Versions album with a recording of the driving Lonerism opener “Be Above It.” The quintet doubles the length of track, and then some, while frontman Kevin Parker adds some trippy, echo-happy falsetto vocals, giving the song a hypnotic bent.

According to a press release, Parker selected the eight songs “based on how different the live versions are from the album versions. His goal was to give fans something they won’t already have; something they’ve only previously experienced at a Tame Impala show.” Below, take a listen to the performance of “Be Above It” and check out the track list for Live Versions, which sadly doesn’t include their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow.”

Live Versions track list:

1. “Endors Toi”
2. “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind”
3. “Sestri Levante”
4. “Mind Mischief”
5. “Desire Be Desire Go”
6. “Half Full Glass”
7. “Be Above It”
8. “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”