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Sage the Gemini and Iamsu!’s ‘Gas Pedal’ Shows Its Mettle on ‘Letterman’

Sage the Gemini, Iamsu!, Letterman, "Gas Pedal"

The Bay is back. Earlier this week, SPIN contributor Andrew Nosnitsky took the vitals of Northern California rap’s post-hyphy generation, declaring the scene alive and well. That was in no small part thanks to “Gas Pedal,” a viral hit from Fairfield, California rapper Sage the Gemini’s just-released debut album, Remember Me.

Last night (March 26), Sage and nearby Richmond’s Iamsu! performed the icy, understated party anthem with backing musicians on Late Show With David Letterman. They acknowledged the crowd early on, and their exuberance was easy to share as they danced after the song’s stubbornly catchy title hook. While Letterman didn’t covet their shoes (which were amazing), or turn them into a meme (which they already kind of are), he did tell Su, “Yes, sir, nice to see you again.” Yup.

Also appearing on Letterman last night was comedian Hari Kondabolu, who wrote SPIN’s Das Racist cover story a couple of years ago. He was there in support of his comedy album Waiting for 2042, which came out this month on Kill Rock Stars. Video of just Kondabolu’s segment hasn’t surfaced yet, but you can watch the full episode over at CBS’ website. Update: Watch Kondabolu’s hilarious Letterman debut below.