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Rick Ross Loves Kale Salads

Rick Ross kale salads interview us weekly

Not only is Rick Ross a celebrated rapper the fact that he’s an official franchise owner of several Wingstop locations makes him a celebrated (?) restauranteur. But the man can not live on meat alone, we learned today. For Us Weekly‘s “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” series, the Bawse revealed a handful of tasty nuggets about himself, including a new diet staple.

“I had kale salad for the first time today and I loved it,” he confessed. Sadly, no information about what was on the salad, where he obtained such a salad, if he used any type of dressing, whether or not croutons were involved, how deeply those green leaves were massaged first, and whether or not he plans to eat more kale salads in the future. But we figure that Whole Foods sponsorship can’t be too far off.

More non-salad gems came out of the interview, and they were just a delectable. For example, he also only sleeps two to three hours per night, loves Wingstop’s “garlic parm gliders,” and sends his daugther flowers every month. Clearly, he’s a healthy, well-adjusted guy. But also, Ross is still quite popular, as his recently released sixth album, Mastermind, landed at number one on the Billboard 200. It’s his fifth album to top the charts and sold 179,000 copies its first week out. Translation: That’s a lot of kale-colored stuff going into his bank account.