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Pixies Prep First Album in 20-Plus Years

Pixies, 'Indie Cindy,' album

Pixies’ recent revival is about to blossom into a proper album. The alternative-rock legends announced today they’ll release their first studio LP since 1991’s Trompe Le Monde on April 29 via the group’s own Pixiesmusic label, with an early, limited-edition vinyl release scheduled for Record Store Day on April 19. Titled Indie Cindy, the set will collect 12 tracks from Pixies’ shorter EP-1 and EP-2 from recent months, plus the newly unveiled EP-3.

Gil Norton, who oversaw Pixies landmarks DoolittleBossanova, and Trompe le Monde, produced the upcoming full-length. While the recent EPs were available digitally or in limited-edition vinyl formats, Indie Cindy is touted as fans’ first chance to have all of the new material in a single package. The album is available in CD, vinyl, and digital formats, as well as via an iTunes exclusive that adds a 13-track live set from Pixies’ recent North American tour.

EP-3 is also available digitally or on vinyl now and includes the single “Bagboy,” which when it surfaced online last year was Pixies’ first new track since 2004.

“We started seriously talking about recording new music about four years ago,” Pixies drummer David Lovering said in a statement. “New music seemed like something we just had to do, we just couldn’t continue to go out and tour without anything new. So the talk evolved into writing and recording, and we’re all very happy with the way everything worked out.”

With Kim Deal no longer in the group, replaced in the touring unit first by Kim Shattuck and then Paz Lenchantin, Pixies have credited bass duties on their new album to Ding, a.k.a. PJ Harvey and the Fall collaborator Simon Archer. Lenchantin plays on the Live in the USA iTunes bonus set. Pre-orders are available starting today via iTunes, Amazon, and Pixies’ website.

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Indie Cindy track list:

1. “What Goes Boom”
2. “Greens and Blues”
3. “Indie Cindy”
4. “Bagboy”
5. “Magdalena 318”
6. “Silver Snail”
7. “Blue Eyed Hexe”
8. “Ring the Bell”
9. “Another Toe in the Ocean”
10. “Andro Queen”
11. “Snakes”
12. “Jaime Bravo”

Live in the USA track list:

1. “Bone Machine”
2. “Hey”
3. “Ana”
4. “Magdalena 318”
5. “Snakes”
6. “Indie Cindy”
7. “I’ve Been Tired”
8. “Head On”
9. “The Sad Punk”
10. “Distance Equals Rate Times Time”
11. “Something Against You”
12. “Isla de Encanta”
13. “Planet of Sound”