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Watch Pixies’ Colorfully Cosmic ‘Greens and Blues’ Video

Pixies, "Greens and Blues," video

If the recent batches of music from the revived Pixies aren’t galvanizing the way they once were, maybe it’s because the alternative-rock luminaries have been away from the planet for a little while. That’s a possibility broached by the new video for EP-2 highlight “Greens and Blues,” which goes from a lonely, sandy scene to graffiti-lined streets suggestive of the song’s title to, well, a space voyage built for two. According to a press release, producer Gil Norton had told the band to imagine what the Pixies would sound like after being away from Earth for 20 years, and this one includes the lyric, “I said I’m human but you know I lied / I’m only visiting this shore.” Black Francis has prevously said in a statement the song is supposed to “fill the emotional niche that [beloved Pixies touchstone] ‘Gigantic’ occupied,” so again, keep in mind the potential Flight of the Navigator scenario here. The clip is directed by Josh Frank, who authored Pixies history Fool The World with SPIN alum Caryn Ganz (and is working with Black Francis on a graphic novel), and it stars Mel Rodriguez (Panic Room, Little Miss Sunshine, The New Normal) as the only person left on a deserted world.