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Hear Oneohtrix Point Never Make ‘Music for Steamed Rocks’

Oneohtrix Point Never 'Music For Steamed Rocks' Stream

It’s been a helluva run for Brooklyn-based experimental electronics whiz Oneohtrix Point Never. The man born Daniel Lopatin released an excellent album in September (R Plus Seven), sat down for an extended talk with SPIN, made it into the Year in NSFW 2013 round-up, pioneered the emoji music video, and stared into the void along with Kanye West. What’s next for the man? Composing “Music for Steamed Rocks,” naturally. At least, that’s the name of the piece you’ll hear below, which is an interpretation of Witold Lutos?awski’s Preludes initially recorded for the Warp Records-backed Polish Icons at Sacrum Profanum event. More importantly, it’ll come packaged on 12-inch vinyl in a black, die-cut foil sleeve on Record Store Day 2014, April 19, as part of OPN’s Commisions I limited release.

Stream that beaute below.

In related news, Warp has just announed Bleep10, a compilation of frequently far-out tracks out May 5, commemorating the decade anniversary of the label’s online webstore, Bleep. Featuring the likes of Oneohtrix, Fuck Buttons, Nosaj Thing, Autechre, Modeselektor, Machinedrum, and the legendary Gas, it’s likely to be pretty damn great. The release will also coincide with a series of concerts being held in New York, London, and Los Angeles. More info here.

Bleep10 track list:

1. Gas: “Die Wand”
2. Lone: “Lizard King”
3. Machinedrum: “aeolia”
4. Oneohtrix Point Never: “Need”
5. Modeselektor: “I’m not into Twerk, I’m into KrafTwerk”
6. Untold: “That Horn Track”
7. Fuck Buttons: “Brainfreeze (Alt mix)”
8. Dabrye: “Click Clack”
9. Autechre: “SYptixed”
10. Shackleton: “Ganda Rising”
11. Nosaj Thing: “Particles Aligned”
12. µ-Ziq: “Hedges”
13. Byetone: “Morning”
14. Nathan Fake: “Vanish North”