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Kurt Vile Eggs Band in Nothing’s ‘Bent Nail’ Video

Nothing 'Bent Nail' Video Kurt Vile Philadelphia

With friends like Kurt Vile, who needs enemies? That’s basically the lesson to be learned in the new video for Nothing’s “Bent Nail.” The Philadelphia shoegaze quartet performs the song from their debut album Guilty of Everything in a club for a less-than-impressed crowd, which soon turns hostile. While the band gives it their all on stage, the audience turns from bored to angry, and as luck would have it, Vile is sitting outside the venue with eggs, tomatoes, and other assorted edible projectiles. To add insult to injury, the non-fans — one of whom eats Easy Cheese straight out of the can — cover the Nothing members in silly string. Enjoy the Don Argott-directed video above, and grab Nothing’s Guilty of Everything from Relapse.