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Future and Migos Get Grandmas Twerking on Nick Cannon’s ‘Pajama Pants’

Nick Cannon 'Pajama Pants' Future Migos Traphik

If you like dumb songs about celebrating asses, today is your lucky day. Actor and renowned Mariah Carey spouse Nick Cannon has a side career in hip-hop and he just dropped a new song called “Pajama Pants” that features guest spots by Future, Migos, and Traphik (a.k.a. Wild N’ Out cast member Tim Chantarangsu). The most memorable lines from the track are definitely these: “To them strippers, I salute ya / Church girls, hallelujah / Even got your grandmama twerk-twerking out her bloomers.” According to, the song will be featured on Cannon’s album White People Party Music, which is due out April 1 and also features Pitbull, Afrojack, and Akon. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as your mother’s mother.

Also: Migos saying, “Pajama! Pajama!”