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Weezer Are Definitely Working on a New Album Right Now


Prepare for Weezer’s return. Earlier this afternoon, the band posted a 20-second teaser video to YouTube that depicted the band recording, while playing a few snippets of what we assume is new music. We can’t decipher much, except that they (might) be sounding like Weezer of yesteryear and Rivers Cuomo enjoys wearing glasses with white frames. Other than that, it’s a rather cryptic clip that will surely make any Weezer fan salivate, as it goes by so quickly. The band are reportedly working with Ric Ocasek, who produced the band’s Blue Album and Green Album

Should they decide to revisit the crunchy, power-guitar pop of their beloved ’90s work, it’s hard to think anyone would complain — and it’s easy to speculate they’re headed in that direction. Earlier this year, they debuted a new track called “Back to the Shack” aboard The Weezer Cruise, where Cuomo sung about “losing his way as an artist” and the suckiness of disco.

It’s been four years since Weezer’s last release, 2010’s Hurley, which SPIN described as “a solid collection of precise and persuasively melodic rock that has enough oddball brio to feel like the effort of a real live human being, rather than more formally flawless, emotionally inert output from the Cuomobot.” Surely, they have enough oddball left in them to make another great record.

In related Weezer news, British electro-pop artist Charli XCX recently revealed that she’s working with Cuomo on her untilted third album, tentatively due out later this year. The band will also embark on a short tour starting next Saturday, March 29, at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and appear this summer at the Firefly Festival in Delaware alongside OutKast and Foo Fighters.