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Hear Mikal Cronin’s Ragged, Sax-Enriched ‘Soul in Motion’

mikal cronin, soul in motion, LAMC

On April 1, Brooklyn label Famous Class will drop the newest entry in its ongoing Less Artists More Condos single series. The upcoming split seven-inch kicks off with a new Mikal Cronin song called “Soul in Motion.” Opening with an anachronistic drum machine loop, the track manages to feel akin to the dulcet fuzzbombs found on Cronin’s Essential MCII (note the glowing melodies, quiet-loud dynamics, and inviting vocals) while still finding room for new fluorishes (the aforementioned percussion loop, plus organ swells and bursts of saxophone). All in all, “Soul in Motion” makes for an effervescent, rejuventating stew. Stream it below, along with the single’s B-side, WAND’s tunefully dissonant “Screaming Eye.” Reserve a copy of the vinyl through Bandcamp.