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M.I.A. Previews Beyonce Remix With Help From Adorable Son

MIA Beyonce 'Flawless' Remix Video Ikhyd

There are countless ways for artists to announce a new project or release these days. And while it’s safe to say many a Beyoncé fan would punch a stranger to hear a preview of M.I.A.’s “Flawless” remix, the Sri Lankan star went the cute route. In a clip uploaded to Instagram, Maya plays a snippet of her Beyoncé revision accompanied by 5-year-old Ikhyd, who bops along and then takes over filming from his proud mama.

The only description for the video is “#BEYONCE FLAWLESSREMIX #TEAMSWAG #MIA,” which tells us nothing except that the end result will, duh, have a lot of swag. As for the music, it sounds like what you’d expect from a Bey-Maya meeting, with exotic, staccato rhythms bubbling underneath. Clearly M.I.A. has schooled her son when it comes to good music, so here’s hoping she also lectured him against using the word “bossy.”