Lil Boosie Wrote a Song for Justin Bieber in Jail

Lil Boosie Press Conference jail release freestyle #BoosieSpeaks

Last week, Lil Boosie was released after serving nearly five years in prison. He wasted no time treating fans to a brand new freestyle celebrating his freedom, and today, as planned, he sat down for a press conference. During the 40-minute talk dubbed “Boosie Speaks,” the New Orleans MC discussed life in jail and his future, with support from his family, and pals Webbie, Bun B, and Young Jeezy.

As Vibe reports, the man born Torrence Hatch was upbeat and claims he was productive behind bars.

“I wrote 1,018 songs,” he said, noting that he wants to collaborate on one with Justin Bieber. “Every free time I get, I’m getting in the studio.” He has some other news as well: “I wrote my own movie, Boosie: The Movie. I might shop it but I’m probably gonna get my own, do it myself. I wrote my book… I stayed busy in prison. When I ain’t have nothing to do, I’d try to mastermind another hustle.”

That said, his new hustles didn’t involve keeping up with the proverbial Joneses of the rap world:

“I’d read magazines, but I ain’t really listen to music when I was in there. I didn’t know about new rappers unless I read about them in Hip-Hop Weekly. I feel like the music I got, the rap game wide open for me to take over. What I been hearing these last four days on the radio, it’s different from my music. And different brings greatness. I just feel I stand alone in the music industry. That’s how I think I’ll stay on top.”

Boosie will be on probation for four years, his lawyers said, and he’s due back in court on Thursday for a routine hearing. Meantime, it sounds like he’ll be experimenting with social networking. “I had never seen Instagram. I heard about it so it was a new experience seeing it. I was surprised when I looked at my iPhone and you could look at people and talk on the phone. I was like, the world has changed.”

Though he doesn’t plan on tweeting yet, he “might go on Instagram straight flexing today.” Check out the full press conference above via UStream, and read all about Boosie’s time in jail via this SPIN Special Report.



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