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Kurt Cobain Will Be a Comic-Book Star Now, Too

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Kurt Cobain is getting his very own comic book. Bluewater Productions, a publishing and production company that specializes in comics and graphic novels, will soon print a biography of the late Nirvana frontman, who tragically died at the age of 27 in April of 1994. The upcoming title — which is written and illustrated by Jayfri Hashim, and set for an April 2 release, ahead of the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death — is just the latest entry in Bluewater’s “Tribute” series, a franchise that has previously covered the lives of other iconic rock stars, including John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison.

“The Tribute line of comic books tells the stories of people that have made a significant difference in the world while they were with us that,” says Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis. “It is a way for us to honor these people who have made a difference in the world.” He added, “Not only is this a great way to understand the importance of [Cobain’s] contribution to music, but a great tool for kids to read about him in a different medium… Our biography comic books are now taught in schools and libraries for students and reluctant readers.”

Perhaps, but this video already proves that teenagers know who Nirvana is. 

Print copies of the Cobain comic can be ordered for $3.99 at Comic Flea Market, and digital versions are up for pre-order through iTunes. The file can also be downloaded on Wowio, ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, Google Play, My Digital Comics, Overdrive, Iverse, Kindle, Biblioboard, ComicBin, Nook, Kobo, and wherever eBooks are sold.

Cobain’s life and death have been the source of much attention in the last few weeks. The case of his suicide was recently reopened and quickly closed again, and dozens of never-before-seen photos of the singer’s death scene have just surfaced, along with images of the Los Angeles apartment he once shared with Courtney Love. Unfortunately, Cobain’s likeness has also been spotted in a silly beer commerical and rendered as a hideous, crying statue.

But, as the man once said himself: “Oh well, whatever, never mind.”