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Hear Fantasmes’ Trippy Desert Romp ‘The Shadow Self’

fantasmes, the shadow self

Puerto Rican psych outfit Fantasmes dole out hits of pupil-dilating, zooted tuneage and their latest dosage, “The Shadow Self,” is extra potent. The latest single from their upcoming Thralls to Strange Witchcraft EP (due in the States on April 15 via Last Bummer Records and in Canada via L.O.O.S.E.), the track saunters with the casual strut of an Old West gunslinger, and wobbles as if the very same sharpshooter just dabbled in peyote — the guitars reverberate freely and the vocals barely manage to poke through the haze. Behold “The Shadow Self” below and keep an eye cocked: Fantasmes are set to embark on a pilgrimage to this year’s Austin Psych Fest.