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Hear Euro League’s Atmospheric Bronx Banger, ‘Gold Chains In a Dungeon’

Euro League

Bronx rapper Euro League and his featured guest Doley Bernays are members of the New York collective ReeLife. (You may have heard Bernays’ verses on producer and SPIN-favorite Brenmar’s High End Times Vol. 1 earlier this month.) On Euro’s “Gold Chains In a Dungeon” Bernays appears again, with a vicious verse that gives the track a final lyrical turbo boost, perfectly complementing Euro’s intensity. The title of this track alone is enough to nail the song’s tricky tension between glitzy swagger and grimy atmospherics.

“Gold Chain” is a song supported by narcotic, street rap peripherals: It was produced by Skhyehutch (Kendrick Lamar’s “Sing About Me, Dying Of Thirst”) and MP Williams (A$AP Rocky’s “Ghetto Symphony”), and features Pain In Da Ass (who you may recall from the intro to Jay Z’s “Brooklyn’s Finest” off Jay’s 1996 classic, Reasonable Doubt). You can stream Euro League featuring Doley Bernays and Pain the Ass’ “Gold Chains In a Dungeon” off Euro Trip: Continuum EP out this summer.