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Deniro Farrar Celebrates ‘Rebirth’ EP by ‘Burning Bills’

Deniro Farrar 'Burning Bills' Rebirth EP

With six mixtapes since 2011, the self-proclaimed “cult rap” leader Deniro Farrar is about to indoctrinate new members into his flock. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based MC announced he’ll be dropping his next release, the Rebirth EP, this summer on his new label VICE/Warner. To mark the occasion, Farrar unveiled the new track “Burning Bills,” in which he raps about selling his soul while lighting blunts with flaming dollars in his trademark guttural style over a spooky organ-adorned beat.

“We’re running with that Rebirth, because it’s the rebirth of everything, you know what I’m saying? It’s like a new beginning,” Farrar told XXL, who premiered the Lunice-assisted song. Check out the track here and read SPIN’s feature on Deniro, in which he discusses the Charlotte rap scene, his love of Tupac, and the cult stylings of Charles Manson.