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This Daft Punk, ‘Homestar Runner’ Mashup Is to the Limit

Daft Punk Strong Bad Mashup Random Access Fhqwhgads Stream

Sure, plenty of folks are drooling over Daft Punk’s new T-shirts (or the retro ads for said T-shirts), but above you’ll find something that, to us at least, registers far higher on the delight scale and is enjoyable for the price of zero dollars. For fans of the early-aughts Flash-animated Internet series Homestar Runner, the half-helmet above will be instantly recognizeable. That’s cartoon frenemy Strong Bad, who in the stream here reprises the lyrics to his beloved song, “Everybody To The Limit (Come On Fhqwhgads),” over every single song on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories — recast here as Random Access Fhqwhgads, of course. The gag is the same every time, but the fact that it works so well says … well, something about the French ‘droid-led disco revival. Revisit Homestar here. H/t A.V. Club.