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Courtney Love Is Now Searching for Daniel Tosh’s Penis

Courtney Love

A day after Courtney Love put forth her fantastic theory regarding the whereabouts of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, she’s posted another inquiry into a another pressing matter, this time focusing on comedian Daniel Tosh’s penis. It all started last night, naturally, with a brief Twitter spat, where Tosh poked fun at Love’s aviation expertise with a geeky Marvel reference:

If you don’t get the joke, that’s okay. Courtney didn’t either. But never one to take the silent route, Love whipped up a new diagram that called into question the size of Tosh’s genitals, his alleged “bitch tits,” and the presence of calluses on his left hand.

While she did preface her flight theory with the stipulation that “she’s no expert,” we’re certain social media fights are in her wheelhouse.