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Chance the Rapper Gets Loose on ‘Home Studio (Back Up in This Bitch)’

'Acid Rap' MC returns with his trumpet-led the Social Experiment band

Chance the Rapper is, if you’ll forgive the ancient slang, in the house. Like, really. He’s in his house. And he’s on his grind. SPIN’s 2013 Rapper of the Year has already had an eventful 2014, freestyling with Childish Gambino, collaborating with Skrillex, and being too popular for his own good at SXSW. Now, the Acid Rap MC’s taxes are done, he’s well-provisioned with gin and tonic, and, why not, he’s letting it rip in his home studio, joined by his recent touring band the Social Experiment. Early this morning, Chance tweeted a new song, “Home Studio (Back Up in This Bitch),” which puts his raw-throated, free-wheeling celebration over the sort of keyboard-based groove you’d expect from the trumpet-wielding backing group whose members have had a hand in Lil Wayne and Chance’s Dedication 5 standout “You Song” plus a hefty chunk of Vic Mensa’s INNANETAPE. “There’s a lot of metaphors / You just lack vision,” Chance huffs (and puffs). This house is made of bricks (and not the basketball kind).