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Watch Bryce Hackford’s Far Out ‘Another Fantasy’ Video

Bryce Hackford 'Another Fantasy' Video Fair

On his debut album, Bryce Hackford bridges the bodily experience of the warehouse rave to the brainy territory of avant-guardians like Arthur Russell. And of the six songs contained on Fair there’s none more visceral than “Another Fantasy.” The nine-minute track is strikingly minimal but entirely absorbing, revolving around a clanging, almost dubby beat that grows in intensity as time passes. Now the Brooklyn-based musician — also a member of Pear Necklace and Behavior — lets loose a very fitting video to accompany “Another Fantasy.” 

“This video was produced through several stages of filtering, using overlaid projections of found nature footage and video feedback, colors filmed and manipulated from an old television screen, and digital post-processing,” said director Camilla Padgitt-Coles, a.k.a. Ivy Meadows. “In line with the slow reveal of the song, the concept is to slowly unveil the image, after some fits and starts and stuttering, as though through a reverse analog decay. It requires some patience but when it is finally revealed the psychological effect is more full-on.”

Yep, what she said. Fair is out now on PRAH Recordings, and streaming here.