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Watch Billy Corgan’s Bleeping Rumi Reinterpretation

Billy Corgan Rumi Tea Shop Poems

As we reported last week, Billy Corgan announced he was doing yet another ridiculous Billy Corgan thing, this time using synths to create four “sonic impressions on poems by the great Sufi mystic” Rumi. If that got you excited, well, here’s 10 minutes of video from the first “impression,” which took place at Corgan’s Chicago tea shop, Madame Zuzu’s. Not to spoil anything, but it’s basically just Corgan standing next to an enormous analog synthesizer, generating bleeps and bloops as he sees fit — much like his Siddhartha session, though not eight hours long and without Oneohtrix Point Never live-tweeting commentary.

Oh, and be warned — the high-pitched sounds are definitely not dog-friendly (our furry friends learned the hard way). Stay tuned, but not necessarily tuneful, for more on the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins albums.