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Another Ridiculous Billy Corgan Thing

Billy Corgan Rumi Poetry Sufi Tea Shop Performance

Sometimes we’re forced to wonder: Does it take work to be as “Billy Corgan” as Billy Corgan is? Or does it come naturally to Billy Corgan to be so freaking Billy Corgan all of the time? Because even though he’s the dude, it seems improbable that any human could accomplish such Billy Corgan-ness in such little time. Like, in the span of a month, he’s: performed an eight-hour synth-provisation to Siddhartha; been green-lit for his own wrestling reality show on AMC; and announced not one, but two new Smashing Pumpkins albums for 2015.

What’s next? A performance at his tea house of four “sonic impressions on poems by the great Sufi mystic” Rumi? Wait. Really? We were joking, but it turns out Corgan will appear at his Madame Zuzu’s Chicago shop on Sunday, March 30, at 1 p.m. to do exactly that thing we just quoted. There’s more info on the new Panopticon website devoted to documenting all notable outcroppings of Corganicity witnessed in the natural world.

Here’s some tea talk and a Rumi reading by Madonna to get you in the mood: