Guy’s Girlfriend Is ‘Literally Dying’ Because Beyonce

Beyonce I Can't Even Comedy Video Literally Dying

There comes a time in every person’s life when he or she simply “can’t even,” and for a lot of us, that moment arrived when Beyoncé surprise-released her exceptional new album, Beyoncé, in December. That particular phrase — “I can’t even” — has gone overground of late, even inspiring an entire Slate piece in its defense last week, and now a comedy troupe pays honor to both that watershed musical moment and the trending expression via the video clip above.

Wade through the overuse of “girls” and “chicks” for the payoff (the boys of Garlic Jackson involved aren’t immune), and gems like this one: “Essentially, since Bey is ‘everything,’ girls watching her suddenly feel like ‘nothing’ and become ‘unable’ and start ‘dyinnng.'”

Other still-fresh Yoncé-inspired creations include an incredible animated emoji translation of “Drunk in Love,” three grannies’ video response to the same song, and a “Soundboart” giving fans one-click access to all of the #flawless audio bits from the Queen’s fifth album. Oh, and Bill O’Reilly thinks Beyoncé harms children, Beyoncé thinks we should stop calling women “bossy,” and M.I.A.’s got a remix you should hear.


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