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Astronautica and Bridge Drop Divine R&Beats on ‘Velvet Morning’

Astronautica 'Velvet Morning' Bridge Stream Waikiki

Los Angeles producer Edrina Martinez has chosen her nom-de-beats quite well — Astronautica evokes not only outer space exploration, but also those Nautica jackets that went hand-in-hand with the R&B-soundtracked ’90s that some of us hold so dear. However, as evidenced by the song below, her music isn’t some cheap throwback. Rather, it’s part of soul music’s in-progress electronic evolution as furthered by folks like Frank Ocean and the trap-minded Wedidit Collective. You’ll hear both of those strains in “Velvet Morning,” which features a guest vocal from her neighbor Bridge. The track is part of the March 25 Waikiki EP, arriving via Alpha Pup and also including a cameo from JMSN. Pre-order here.

Waikiki EP track list:

1. “Unsure”
2. “How It’s Gonna Be” (feat. JMSN)
3. “Velvet Morning” (feat. Bridge)
4. “Vodka”