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Arca’s ‘TRAUMA’ Is the Creepiest Video You’ll See Today

Arca and Jesse Kanda, Trauma

The new video from experimental electronic producer (and Yeezus collaborator) Arca and filmmaker Jesse Kanda isn’t exactly NSFW, but some kind of warning is probably in order. If you were freaked out by the Eraserhead baby, you might want to take a deep breath before plunging into this one.

The two-minute short is the first scene from TRAUMA, an audio-visual project by the pair that was first exhibited at MoMA PS1 late last year. According to the artists, the “nonlinear” film takes place deep within the subconscious, and “Scene 1″ depicts a trio of disfigured children locked in synchronised dance, celebrating their inner and outer beauty in the limelight.” Given the kids’ waxy, gelatinous aspect, we’re not so sure about that “outer beauty” part, but it’s certainly impossible to tear your gaze away, while Arca’s rolling bass blasts and tangled church organs lend an almost meditative sense to the spectacle. (In case you were struck by a sense of déjà vu, the same track kicks off Arca’s lid-flipping &&&&& mixtape from last summer.)

Be on the lookout for exhibition dates for the full film, to be shown in various galleries worldwide this year.