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10 Albums to Stream: Cloud Nothings, Mac DeMarco, Johnny Cash, and More

cloud nothings, here and nowhere else, stream

Cloud Nothings, Mac DeMarco, Pure X, Manchester Orchestra, and Johnny Cash all have albums on the way. The best part? They’re streaming online right now. Dig in below.

1) Cloud Nothings, Here and Nowhere Else.Here and Nowhere Else captures the sound and spirit of guys who’ve learned over time how to best harness their own vitality… It’s telling that [the album] closes with Cloud Nothings’ best song yet, ‘I’m Not Part of Me’ — an irresistible anthem that keeps accelerating and intensifying as it barrels along.” (via NPR)

2) Mac DeMarco, Salad Days. “Being pegged as class clown on his previous solo outings… likely shaped the mind state in which we find DeMarco here. Without the attention-grabbing antics, his core sound — an amiably loping, obscurely funky jangle, the Kinks as filtered through Kurt Vile or Bradford Cox — hasn’t changed much. Often, that seems to be the point: DeMarco still sings at times like he’s trying to lure you into the back of a van, but Salad Days is self-possessed and even-keeled even as it reflects on the wages of lipstick-smeared celebrity.” (via NPR)

3) Johnny Cash, Out Among the Stars. According to John Carter Cash, Johnny Cash’s son: “My parents kept everything and through the years they packed away their recordings and various things into a storage vault. After they passed away, it became necessary that we go through these things. This record, Out Among the Stars, was one of the treasures that we discovered… Dad recorded this record with Billy Sherrill, the veteran producer, back in 1984 and 81, mostly in 84… We catch Dad here at a point in his life, when he was true, when he was aware, when his voice was perfect — when he was headed in a spiritual direction that was positive and meaningful for him.” (via the Guardian)

4) Manchester Orchestra, Cope. “Manchester Orchestra set a specific goal for their fourth album. ‘We wanted to make the kind of album that’s missing at this time in rock,’ says frontman Andy Hull. ‘Something that’s just brutal and pounding you over the head with every track, something unrelenting and unapologetic.’ Enter Cope, the Atlanta outfit’s latest LP, an 11-track set that blends white-knuckle energy, full-throated vocals, and tightly fastened, radio-friendly rock.” (via SPIN)

5) Pure X, Angel. “Austin’s Pure X are only three years removed from putting out their first full-length, but they’ve quickly gone through several transformations. The psych-pop quartet have stripped down and opened up, mostly in the name of love. The vocals, often crooned in a sharp falsetto, are firmly in the foreground while guitars are unsheathed, and for the most part, stand boldly without the veneer of overdrive. The end result is a sultry, vivacious romp.” (via SPIN)

6) Split Single, Fragmented World. “Fittingly for a musician with a deep background as a sideman, Jason Narducy’s latest material exhibits strands of all sorts crashing together: ’80s college rock, ’90s indie, and various brands of psychedelia mingle freely within the album’s efficient 32 minutes of power-pop. Despite a sunshine-y veneer, much of Fragmented World actually comes from a place of darkness.” (via SPIN)

7) Small Black, Real People EP. “Brooklyn’s Small Black really hit their stride with last year’s Limits of Desire, an album that deftly expanded their warm, synth-fed sound into an epic and anthemic thing. We’re glad, then, that the quartet isn’t putting their feet up in 2014. On the contrary, they’ve got a brand new five-song EP, dubbed Real People, coming on April 1. Frankie Rose contribute to the dance-powered titular track and the panoramic ‘Lines of Latitude,’ and closer ‘The Downtown Lights’ is a Blue Nile cover.” (via SPIN)

8) De La Soul, Smell the D.A.I.S.Y. “De La Soul’s latest mixtape, Smell the D.A.I.S.Y. features reworked, classic De La lyrics over beats by the late, great J Dilla, is rich in no-frills percussion, spring-loaded loops, and funky rhythms. Now, after dropping ‘Dilla Plugged In’ and ‘Vocabulary Spills,’ the iconic hip-hop trio have shared the 11-track set in its entirety.” — SPIN (via SoundCloud)

9) S. Carey, Range of Light. “Sean Carey plays a host of instruments on his latest offering, including, drums, piano, guitar, keyboard, and organ. Layer on his tender whisper, unassuming lyrics, and dewy production, and you get a nine-track effort that confronts both spirituality and fatherhood (Carey and his wife became parents in 2013), but also feels deeply rooted in geography, referencing locations both real and imagined.” — SPIN (via the New York Times)

10) Mobb Deep, The Infamous Mobb Deep. “April 1 will see the release of a brand new Mobb Deep album, The Infamous Mobb Deep… The two-disc release will feature a brand new LP featuring Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Juicy J, the Lox, Mack Wilds, and French Montana, while the second disc is called The 1994 Infamous Sessions. It features original demos and unreleased tracks from their classic sophomore album, including a highly sought after Ghostface Killah verse on ‘Eye For An Eye.'” — VIBE (via Pandora)