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Watch Zhala and Robyn’s Nirvana-Inspired ‘Prophet’ Live Video

First signee to Swedish pop ruler's Konichiwa Records pays homage to "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Robyn sure knows how to pick ‘em. The Swedish pop gladiator’s frayed-wire collaboration with O.G. Neneh Cherry, “Out of the Black,” hasn’t even hit stores yet, and once again the “Dancing on My Own” royal is on the other side of a supremely well-chosen “featuring” credit. This time the artist in question is fellow Swedish singer Zhala, who also happens to be the first-ever signing to Robyn’s longtime label Konichiwa Records. In a statement about the decision, Robyn said, “When Zhala sings the heavens open and the stars come down to hover over my head and I feel like anything is possible.” A bit over the top, sure, but their duet “Prophet” — the title track of Zhala’s brand-new EP, available via iTunes and Spotify — is an unexpectedly alien, predictably impressive bit of out-there electronic pop that suddenly picks up the pace at the end. The pairing between Robyn’s generous emotional clarity and the Konichiwa newcomer’s habitual-shaking techno experimentation turns out to be a thrilling one; listen below. Zhala and Robyn’s performance together at last night’s Swedish Grammis ceremony is another smart combination, setting “Prophet” amid a live recreation of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video; watch that above. Here we are now. Are we not entertained?

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