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Stream Yumi Zouma’s Silky Disco Self-Titled Debut

Yumi Zouma

New Zealand isn’t just the land of our Lorde. Newcomers Yumi Zouma also hail from the archipelago and conjure up cool, dream-pop landscapes of their own. While the trio (Charlie Ryder, Josh Burgess, and Kim Pflaum) are currently divided between New York, Paris, and Christchurch, their most recent collaboration is reminiscent of lost summers in the faraway hills and lakes of home. In turn, the band’s self-titled debut EP, due February 11 via Cascine, delivers 15 sublime minutes of soft disco that layers sing-song vocals over huggable synths and muted drum-machine beats. Thematically, songs like the EP’s highlight “Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up” are innocently romantic while packing a breezy, sunlit groove. Think of Yumi Zouma as Classixx on Prozac.

Listen to the full Yumi Zouma EP below: