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Mischa Barton Humps the Earth in Willis Earl Beal’s ‘Coming Through’ Video

Willis Earl Beal Mischa Barton 'Coming Through' Video NSFW

Actress Mischa Barton becomes a member of the cult of Willis Earl Beal — literally — in the 11-minute video for the man’s Cat Power collaboration, “Coming Through.” The above short film purports to compile the lost recordings of a “new underground movement of consciousness” founded in New Mexico in 2013, led by the outsider bluesman bedecked in a ski mask and goggles. The former female lead of The O.C. appears as an acolyte of Beal’s Church of Nobody, and appears to be depicted in one of the drawings that accompanied his 2012 album, Acousmatic Sorcery. There’s also a thematic tie-in to the Sundance-showcased feature film Memphis — to the part where Beal talks about discovering the divine when he “fucked the dirt.” Of course, “Coming Through” hails from last year’s Nobody Knows