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Tree Raps All Over Chilly Chicago in ‘Like Whoa’ Video

Soul-trapper shows his hometown pride for '@MCTREEG EP' track

Just because Tree is breaking out of Chicago’s drill scene doesn’t mean the “soul trap” MC is leaving the Windy City behind. In his new video for “Like Whoa,” the raspy rapper traipses around his hometown for a number of no-frills shots: Standing above the Mississippi, buying what’s sure to be an expensive watch, grabbing a meal at Duk’s Red Hots, and stalking through an underground roadway. Tree keeps the focus on himself and the city as if he’s saying he’s no bigger than where he came from, despite his recent triumphs. (Side note: If several of the locations look really familiar, that’s probably because The Dark Knight was shot all around the city.) Check out the video above and download Tree’s @MCTREEG EP, which is out now via Scion AV.

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