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Watch Thurston Moore’s Sweet, Candlelit ‘Heavenmetal’ Video

thurston moore, chelsea light moving, heavenmetal

Perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day, Thurston Moore has shared a new music video for pro-love song “Heavenmetal.” Filmed and directed in Paris by the artist Julien Langendorff, the clip features the Sonic Youth co-founder snipping away at magazines with a pair of scissors, assembling word collages, and playing guitar in a candlelit space. When the camera isn’t fixed on Moore, it’s drawn to a pair of young women, friends who are happy to waste away the day with each other — they’re too busy making themselves blood sisters to notice any change in the hourglass nearby.

Watch the video, which was produced by Franck Annese, above. Though “Heavenmetal” originally appeared on Chelsea Light Moving’s self-titled debut album, the tune is now being billed as a solo track from Moore. Consider it a sign of what’s to come: The alt-rock hero is planning to release a new album under his own name in June, with help from the good folks at Matador Records.