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The Men Long for ‘Different Days’ on Latest Barn Burner

The Men 'Different Days' Tomorrow's Hits cover art

The Men don’t like to wait around. We already knew this thanks to their schedule of releasing an excellent new album every year, and now we’re reaping even more bounty from their impatience. Just a day after dropping the horn-aided romp “Another Night,” the Brooklyn band is back with a third taste of their upcoming album, Tomorrow’s Hits. “Different Days” is a high-octane jaunt, fueled by an organ reminiscent of the Hold Steady’s younger, rougher years. They grouse about being young, singing, “I’m sick of all this do or die / Don’t they know it’s just suicide.” It’s that perfect rough-around-the-edges, no-frills rock we’ve come to expect from them with the slightest touch of soul thrown in, a welcome addition to their sound. Tomorrow’s Hits is due out March 4 from Sacred Bones.