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Stream Baby Blue’s Delightful Dream-Pop EP ‘Promenade’

Baby Blue, Jacob Loeb

Owen Ashworth was right: Casiotone is for the painfully alone. Los Angeles’ Jacob Loeb, better known as his synth-pop alias Baby Blue, can relate. After moving to L.A. from his hometown of Chicago in 2012, Loeb bought a secondhand Casio at Goodwill and has created his own brand of lo-fi Lonely Hearts Club electronics ever since.

The result is Loeb’s debut EP Promenade, released today via L.O.O.S.E. and MANIMAL. As its title suggests, the four-track platter moves at a leisurely pace and lingers long after it finishes. These songs of heartbreak and romance won’t bring you down too hard, though — not with shimmering synth and angelic, Beach Boys-like vocals leading the way.

Cuddle up with Baby Blue’s Promenade EP below.