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Hear Mystery Duo Starry & Slimer Soundtrack Secret Rave on ‘Like It Raw’

Clash of the Damned

“Like It Raw” by mystery DJ duo Starry & Slimer is uncut, unadulterated bass kryptonite. Like any good superheroes, the triumphant team want to keep their identities under wraps. But considering that the pair’s debut comes hand-in-hand with repping Trouble & Bass’ close-knit group of producers, all signs point to Starry & Slimer being Brooklyn residents that may very well be some of the label’s favorites under a different name. So it’s fitting that “Like It Raw” is the teaser track for the club imprint’s Clash of the Damned Vol. 2, an eight-track compilation of other dynamic duos due on Feb 25. The track’s pummeling rhythms and gratifying plateaus pack an unrelenting dance energy that’ll have you Google searching for local warehouse raves. Get the party started early and listen to the track below.