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Hear Smalltown DJs and Broken Social Scene’s Lisa Lobsinger Dance on ‘See Thru’

Smalltown DJs

A dance tune is not something you’d expect to hear from soulful vocalist Lisa Lobsinger of Broken Social Scene and Reverie Sound Revue acclaim. That’s where her fellow Calgary, Canada natives and local dance-club owners Smalltown DJs come in. With their latest release for the one-off singles party that makes up the Fool’s Gold’s Clubhouse series, the production duo’s collaboration with the singer on “See Thru” is more of a genre-melding, pop-loving house track than we’ve heard from either contributor, really. “You left him for dead / when you crawled in his head,” croons the coolly accusatory Lobsinger, as glammed synths whine over the four-on-the-floor pulse beneath. By the time the thing really gets going, screechy Skrillex’d wubs unfold into a rollicking moombahton-tinged step, making for a festival-friendly track that doesn’t need to wait for the drop to solicit a good headbanging.

Listen to “See Thru” below.