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S. Carey Paints a Striking ‘Fire-Scene’ in His Lush Video

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Speaking with SPIN recently, Sean Carey said that he would often let his mind wander to an imaginary place when writing his second album, the upcoming Range of Light. “It’s this big mountain,” the Bon Iver percussionist and solo singer-songwriter said. “There are all these cliffs and mountain creeks just coming out of the ground and flowing into each other. It’s kind of desolate — there aren’t really any trees… Part of my writing process was trying to picture that I was a falcon up on the cliffs.”

Now, with his latest music video, Carey (who records under the semi-alias S. Carey) offers a breathtaking tour of some peaceful terrain. The clip — for “Fire-scene,” Range of Light‘s lead single and centerpiece — can’t possibly capture the made-up mountain Carey would visit in his head, but director Joe Baughman does communicate the spirit behind the track. Filmed largely in and around Spokane, Washington, the video sets its sights on a slew of gorgeous images — purple sunsets, untouched snow, waterfalls, and the Spokane skyline — as Carey softly sings, “All I want is honesty.”

“I experienced and captured a plethora of unanticipated images presented to me by Nature herself,” Baughman told Filter, “As if she desired to add her own voice to the project.”

Admire “Fire-scene” above and pre-order Range of Light (out April 1 via Jagjaguwar) through iTunes.